Kamado Joe Classic Gasket Replacement

kamado joeHey Kamado Joe fans, up today is a chore we all must do someday — the Kamado Joe Classic gasket replacement. It’s time to get that Joe back in tip-top shape.

Today is shaping up to be on the warm side. Mid-February with daytime highs in the mid-70s. Can’t beat the weather!

A while back, I ordered the Kamado Joe KJ-GA23 Gasket Kit for the Kamado Joe Classic. I was just waiting for a warmer day to do get outside. Continue reading

Nottoway River Fishing Report January 26 2018

Nottoway River fishing report for Friday, January 26, 2018. The General Vaughan Bridge boat ramp in Franklin, Virginia. The General Vaughan Bridge boat ramp in Franklin, Virginia. It’s one of those well maintained boat ramps by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Coordinates: 36.56651600, -76.94510100. Continue reading

Lodge L10SKL Cast Iron Pan Review

Lodge L10SKL cast iron panThe Lodge L10SKL cast iron pan might just be the perfect accessory for my Kamado Joe Classic. We found this late one night while trolling through the Amazon Lodge cast iron offerings for anything new.

I am familiar with most of the Lodge cast iron product line. This Lodge L10SKL cast iron pan is something new I hadn’t seen before.

I don’t recall seeing this before, so I hit the “Buy now with 1-Click” button. Yeah, I was tired and it was late, and you know what I am talking about? It is all too easy to click that button thinking of what you might be able to do with a new piece of cast iron cookware. Continue reading

Kamado Joe Bone Broth

kamado joe bone brothKamado Joe bone broth. What the …

Okay stick with me here …

Three days ago, I spun a chicken on my Kamado Joe JoeTisserie.

Well, as usual, it was awesome, nothing new here. I’m getting closer to achieving that crispy oven roasted skin texture. More on that in a future post. Continue reading

Kamado Joe Smoked Bacon and Brussels Sprouts

kamado joe smoked bacon and brussels sproutsOkay, Kamado Joe smoked bacon and Brussels sprouts are up today for some quality outdoor eats. After a few days working off all of that turkey and the trimmings, firing up the Joe gives you that food you really wanted to see on the table.

Never had Kamado Joe smoked bacon and Brussels sprouts?

You have to give this a try. They are really easy to make. Continue reading

Man Cave Bacon, Beer & Cheddar Cheese Bratwursts on the Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe Man Cave Bacon, Beer & Cheddar Cheese BratwurstsOn a whim, I picked up a box of the Man Cave Bacon, Beer & Cheddar Cheese Bratwursts for a Kamado Joe cookout.

I have seen them at the local grocer during the past several visits. So today, I tossed them in the cart, along with a few beers and other necessities. Steaming the grilled brats in onions and beer is one of my favorite weekend Kamado Joe grilling treats. Continue reading