Kamado Joe – JoeTisserie Review

JoeTisserieI was hoping that the recent Amazon Prime day would have discounted the JoeTisserie. Unfortunately for me there were no JoeTisserie discounts today.

So I ordered one anyway for my Kamado Joe Classic. It was $263.94, including taxes, when I clicked Amazon’s “Buy it now with 1-Click” button. I ordered it Friday and it arrived the following Tuesday.
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Silnylon Tent Repair I

REI Quarter Dome 2 TentI noticed on my last trip that my REI Quarter Dome 2 tent had 3 small holes in the tent fly.

I suspect they were from pitching the tent when the fly was wet. As it dried in the sun, it got overly tight? Or, perhaps they are burn holes from campfire embers? I didn’t see any char marks, so I really think it is the former.
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Rivanna River Fishing – I

bill catching a catfishThis past weekend, we decided to get out and do a bit of fishing and camping. We were heading out for a relaxing expedition down Virginia’s Rivanna River.

As the weekend approached, the weather forecast called for a chance of showers. Okay, no problems!
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Big Bad Bluegill

big bluegillI was out trying to catch some monster crappie today, just casting around the shallow areas from the bank hoping to get one of the barn door sized slabs. Here in Virginia, a citation size crappie comes in at 15 inches.

To date, I have caught 9 crappie over that 15 inch mark. A few of those on a fly rod. I was hoping to catch number 10 and score an “Expert Angler” certificate.
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