JoeTisserie Chicken I

JoeTisserie chicken on the kamado joe classicTropical Storm Hermine is tracking away from coastal Virginia and the backyard has been cleaned up and is back in order, –mostly.

Yesterday, Midge wanted to cook up a mess of hotdogs on the grill to not heat up the house. I had wanted to do a JoeTisserie chicken, but that would need to wait.

Well, today is the day! I was hungry for some outdoor cooking.
joetisserie chicken I

Kamado Joe – JoeTisserie Chicken I

I have done a few chickens on the JoeTisserie, they all come out awesome! Way better and tastier than the grocery store rotisserie chickens. You can check out my Kamado Joe JoeTisserie product review here.

I add a kiss of smoke to nearly everything that goes onto my Kamado Joe Classic, even yesterday’s hotdogs. Adding a bit of smoke to a JoeTisserie rotisserie chicken helps to take this even more over the top. This is a good reference to wood smoke and smoking wood.

While working out in the garage, I had a flash of an idea for something to try next time I did a JoeTisserie chicken. Something that will get both ends of the chicken done at the same time. You know, getting the legs and thigh dark meat pieces cooked up to the USDA 170 or 175 degrees depending on where you look, — while not overcooking the white meat past the 160 degree mark.

So what were the results?

JoeTisserie chicken on the kamado joe classic

This JoeTisserie chicken on the Kamado Joe Classic is done!

Well, the JoeTisserie chicken was awesome, it never made if off the cutting board and over to the table. The dogs got a bit also. The skin had a really good dry and crisp texture. But, it was still not quite like the dry crispy texture of an oven roasted chicken.

To ready my Kamado Joe Classic, I banked the remains of the lump charcoal from my last cook and a bit extra towards the right side of the firebox. I then used two paraffin wax start cubes, one at the top of the pile and one at the bottom to start the charcoal.

Wait 10 minutes with bottom vent in the fully open position and the dome open.

Next, place the JoeTisserie ring onto the grill.

Then, let the grill come up to temperature. On my Kamado Joe, the bottom vent was closed down about half way, so that it was opened about 2 inches. The top vent was open about 1/4 of the way and the daisy wheel was fully opened as the temperature came up to the target range.

The chicken and a piece of cherry wood for smoking went into the Kamado Joe at about 300 degrees and started to close down the top vent as it got to 350 degrees.

After 45 minutes or so, the breast was running at 130 degrees and the thigh area was just a bit warmer.

At the 1 hour mark, the breast and the thigh area were running at 175 degrees on my not so instant read thermometer.

So I overshot the 160 degree temperature I was looking for. But, the breast and thigh areas were close in temperature. Since I usually track what I am doing I made a few notes of what to try next time. I still want to play around with this method. Maybe it will work out, maybe not? But, the chicken was really good, no complaints!!