How To Fish Crankbaits II: Fishing Tactics

how to fish crankbaits

Today’s post is the second in a series about how to fish crankbaits.

This is the link to the first post in this series, titled “How To Fish Crankbaits: Fishing Tactics.” This first post covers two ways to fill up your stringer.

This second post covers another two ways that you can try. But I am sure there are other methods? If you have something you like, why not share it with us?

How To Fish Crankbaits II: Fishing Tactics

How To Fish Crankbaits II: Fishing Tactics


Similar to the “Burn-It” method talked about in the last post, you just slow it down a bit and twitch the rod tip every 2 or 3 turns of your reel. Twitching the rod tip makes the crankbait move in short erratic movements.

You can mix this up by speeding up or slowing down your retrieve. You can pause after a twitch or a series of twitches. Lots of ways to mix this up, longer pauses, shorter pauses.

This is my favorite way to fish these things. This is what I see those big name types do on those weekend fishing shows. You know, you have seen these guys in action.

I have a buddy that always seems to out fish me, — but I am always watching to see what he does. Twitching is one technique I see him doing a lot.


Jerking is similar to twitching. Instead of short twitches of the rod tip, now you reel down on the crankbait, then sweep it back up, then repeat. I like this method when fishing spinner baits using my baitcasters.

With today’s post, we have talked about four different ways on how to fish crankbaits. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to get outside and do some fishing!

Let me know what you catch?

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