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Dehydrator Tips For Healthy Snacks

Nesco FD-60 dehydrator

I got to thinking about the mention of the dehydrator in my recent post on Healthy Homemade Dog Treats.

I thought I probably should expand on that a bit.

If you do not already own a dehydrator, the following are some been-there-done-that notes I have on the topic. So whether your interests are drying some of that backyard garden bounty, mid-day healthy snacks such as homemade beef jerky, or prepping for the zombie apocalypse, you are sure to find some helpful tips.
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Weekend “Honey-Do” Lists

A somewhat humorous and maybe all too familiar look at homeowner weekend project activities.

Midge has her seemingly endless list of projects that she wants to knock out. What that really means is that her list of projects, are projects that somehow involves me. It is amusing that my own to-do projects list do not involve her.

Those never-ending streams of home-improvement shows do not help at all! The hosts all seem to manage to knock out their major projects and renovations in 30 minutes or less. Tile a bathroom, replace a kitchen sink, paint a room, — yep, just 30 minutes from beginning to end, including those commercials!

What she doesn’t see is that behind the scenes crew of construction professionals, support crews, and video editing workstations, — doing all the work.
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Dry Rub Shaker For The Grill Or Smoker

barbecue dry rub shaker

Easy Barbecue Dry Rub Shaker

I have been using these “Ball Herb Shaker Tops” as barbecue dry rub shakers for the past several months. They are amazing when used as barbecue dry rub shakers for your grill or smoker. I found them a while back at my local big-box store clearance aisle.

I can mix up a batch of my favorite dry rub recipe for some awesome barbecue baby back ribs, smoky pulled pork, barbecue chicken, or other favorite grilling recipes. The dry rub shaker has fast become one of my favorite grilling accessories.
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