I Just Need Some Sunshine!

A view along the trail

A view along the trail

Here I sit in warm and sunny San Diego, California.

Ordinarily, I would be a happy camper to spend a few days exploring this area.

This particular trip is now stretching into 4 weeks. Today is my third day off for the 23 days I have been here.

I am a person who needs to spend a bit of time outside every now and again! We have been locked away in a windowless room, sequestered; trying to make sure the taxpayer is getting the best bang for the buck!

I Just Need Some Sunshine

I Just Need Some Sunshine!

Yeah, so what! – you might be thinking?!

Today, I made the most of this precious little time off. I managed to get out and do a bit of hiking and got out to reconnect with nature and get some much needed sunshine. After talking with some folks here at the hotel, I decided to head out to the El Capitan nature preserve.

I managed to knock out 5 or so miles of the hike. Just a short out and back. I was concerned about losing my footing and slipping. I sure didn’t want to mess up an ankle or break something! I was not prepared to do a significant amount of hiking through hill country during this San Diego trip.

With every step I took, I could feel my internal battery recharge. Midway into the hike, I just sat for a while on the rocks just to take it all in.

This was the first time in a number of weeks I did not hear the background noise of cars, air conditioners, that damn noisy refrigerator in my hotel room, and just technology in general. I just heard the wind, the birds, and the silence. It was awesome!

I could actually hear the noises made by the little lizards running across the trail. I could hear the birds fly from bush to bush.

They do make a lot of noise if you take the time to listen.

Anyway, as I write this all down, at the end of the day, I have my hotel room sliding door open, up on the 14th floor to get some fresh air into this place. I once again SEE and HEAR that all of that San Diego traffic. My room has a nice westerly view of Interstate 805! Beyond 805 and the noise are some distant mountains, wonder how far away they might be?

Oh well, back to work tomorrow! I sure do miss the dogs!!