Kamado Joe – Grilled Pizza – Part I

grilled pizza
I finally managed to get a decent grilled pizza, actually a really awesome smoky grilled pizza at that!

After three attempts at making my own grilled pizza crusts I have finally succeeded at getting something decent and downright tasty from my Kamado Joe.

grilled pizza

Kamado Joe – Grilled Pizza – Part I

grilled pizza

Tasty, but could use a bit more char!

I have made plenty of grilled pizzas using store-bought flat breads as the crust. They were delish, but I wanted to take my grilled pizza to that next level. I wanted to get that wood-fired thin and crispy crust with just a bit of char using some serious grill heat.

So the third time was definitely my charm!

In my other attempts, the raw pizza just ended up as a big ole’ blob on my pizza stone. I was not able to slide the pizza off of the cutting board or pizza peel onto the pizza stone without making a big mess of everything. It was frustrating!

So I figured that one out, how to safely get the pizza from peel to grill, and it will be the topic of my next post.

This will be my first in a series of posts to help the first time grilled pizza enthusiast. I am sharing my own experiences as I learn how to make some serious good eats on my Kamado Joe.

Maybe what I learn will help you?

Let me know what your experience has been and what you want to talk about?

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