Outdoor Eats

I decided to create a page where you can easily find all of my smoking and grilling related posts.

My site is about doing stuff outside, –things I enjoy doing. In my mind, firing up the grill, smoker, or heck, even the fire pit and cooking up some outdoor good eats is just downright relaxing and the things should be!

Interacting with the fire, smelling the wood smoke is something that wakes up my inner caveman. What about you?

Need a dry rub shaker for your grill or smoker. Check out this solution!

I have owned a lot of grills and smokers over the years. To date, the Kamado Joe Classic is my favorite, all around, all purpose grill and smoker. I am having a blast using my KJC! Check out my review here!

This is the review I did on the Kamado Joe JoeTisserie. My only regret is not getting one sooner!

I am hunting for the perfect JoeTisserie chicken. This post talks to one method of how to set up your Kamado Joe Classic for a JoeTisserie chicken cook.

As I continue to refine my JoeTisserie chicken cooks, this post details how to get that “almost oven like” crispy skin texture.

How about some JoeTisserie pulled pork sandwiches with a kiss of cherry wood smoke? Spending quality time around the grill or smoker making some good outdoor eats is a great way to spend a day!

Saturday I fired up the Kamado Joe for some outdoor cooking to roast up some veggies and make a batch of grilled chili verde sauce. It super easy to make, check it out here. This stuff is way better than ordinary ‘chup. You know, that red stuff in the squeeze bottle. Can’t wait to try it with some of that leftover pulled pork I have in the freezer.

Looking for a new thermometer? Check out the ThermoWorks ThermoPop review here. This is way better than that cheap housewares department store thermometer your using right now.

After a few years, those Kamado Joe side shelves are worn and need repair or replacement. How about replacing that worn delaminated bamboo with attractive cedar? Check out this DIY project here!

Kamado Joe smoked bacon wrapped bratwursts. You’ll need to make a bunch because they’ll go quick when the neighbors get a whiff of what is going on in your backyard.

Kamado Joe smoked meatballs and honey sriracha sauce. Need some sweet and hot? Give these a try for the next neighborhood shindig.

Need some man cave food? Try the Kamado Joe version of these Man Cave Bacon, Beer & Cheddar Cheese Bratwursts in a hot tub of beer and onions. These are some tasty outdoor eats.

Smoked bacon and Brussels sprouts on the Kamado Joe.  You need to check this out.

Found some Man Cave Root Beer Bratwursts on sale and had to give them a try. Even had a $1.00 Man Cave coupon. Pick some up, you won’t be disappointed. Here we made a bunch in a Man Cave Kamado Joe hot tub.

Make up some healthy homemade Kamado Joe Bone Broth. It’s good for what ails you. Now you have another reason to spin another JoeTisserie chicken.

The Lodge L10SKL 12-inch cast iron pan is the perfect grilling accessory. It’s dual loop handle design is a real space-saver. Check out our review on the Lodge L10SKL cast iron pan here.

In the mood for some Kamado Joe coconut curry? Try this paleo and keto friendly coconut curry pork meatballs over zoodles recipe that keeps you filled up all day long. Is there anything that the Kamado Joe can’t do?

Need to replace that Kamado Joe gasket. Check out everything you need to know here in our own recent been-there-done-that Kamado Joe gasket replacement. No worries, it’s easy to do.

Hungry for some homemade pastrami. Check out our Kamado Joe pastrami post here. It’s way better than what you find behind that deli counter. We take a ready made corned beef and with some smoke and time, we transform it into Kamado Joe pastrami. It’s as good as you thinking right this very minute.


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