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My name is Bill, –as you might have already guessed! I am the founder of this online community.

Bill’s Website is a place for folks who have busy corporate lifestyles who look forward to their free time as an opportunity to spend more quality time outdoors enjoying their favorite activities.

With those long hours doing that daily 9 to 5, plus the long commute, the traffic, I really look forward to a simpler and less chaotic lifestyle at the end of that long work week.

Here we talk about a range of topics that matter the most in pursuit of outdoor experience. We also look at relearning some of that lost knowledge and now forgotten life-skills everyone needed to have.

Yes, we do enjoy modern day conveniences and rely on the invisible technology which supports our lifestyles. What happens when those behind scene support systems disappears? What would you do?

The best way to start reading posts is from the home page. These are the most current things that have been published. You do have the search bar option for specific areas of interest.

So sit back, relax, and grab a cold refreshing beverage. If something interests you, leave a comment letting us know what you think!