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JoeTisserie Pork Butt I

joetisserie pork butt IYesterday, I tried a new barbecue joint, and tried the pulled pork sandwich from their menu. It wasn’t bad, it was flavorful, but there was no evidence of any smoke.

I got the hankering to do make up my own big plate of my own homemade pulled pork, — with a hint of smoky goodness. The weather forecast for the next few days was rain free. Continue reading

JoeTisserie Chicken I

JoeTisserie chicken on the kamado joe classicTropical Storm Hermine is tracking away from coastal Virginia and the backyard has been cleaned up and is back in order, –mostly.

Yesterday, Midge wanted to cook up a mess of hotdogs on the grill to not heat up the house. I had wanted to do a JoeTisserie chicken, but that would need to wait.

Well, today is the day! I was hungry for some outdoor cooking. Continue reading

JoeTisserie Pork Sirloin Roast

Kamado Joe JoeTisserie Pork RoastTaking a few days off from work while Midge is out of town. Mostly I am dog sitting.

Today, the gray storm clouds were hanging overhead with an occasional sprinkle. Yesterday I picked up a just bit over the 4 pound mark pork sirloin roast for some JoeTisserie action.
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Kamado Joe – JoeTisserie Review

kamado joe joetisserie reviewI was hoping that the recent Amazon Prime day would have discounted the JoeTisserie. Unfortunately for me there were no JoeTisserie discounts today.

So I ordered one anyway for my Kamado Joe Classic. It was $263.94, including taxes, when I clicked Amazon’s “Buy it now with 1-Click” button. I ordered it Friday and it arrived the following Tuesday.
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Lodge L2SP3 Cast-Iron 2-Quart Serving Pot Product Review

Lodge l2sp3 cast-iron 2-quart serving pot

Lodge L2SP3 Cast-Iron 2-Quart Serving Pot

I am a big fan of cooking outdoors on my Kamado Joe grill. Lighting up that pile of lump charcoal and then watching the flames dance about just melts away the stress. Toss on a few pieces of wood for smoke flavoring, well it just brings out that inner caveman in all of us.

I have researched a lot of cast iron products for use on the grill. Of everything I have researched, Lodge has stood out above the rest. This product review is on the Lodge L2SP3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Serving Pot, 2-Quart, –or in my view, the perfect Kamado Joe sized 2-quart dutch oven. Continue reading

My Best Grill – The Kamado Joe Classic

kamado joe classic

The Kamado Joe might just end up being your perfect grill!

The temperatures are warming up and it’s time to get outside and do stuff! That means firing up your grill and enjoying some frosty cold beverages.

I have owned my own Kamado Joe Classic for just about a year. It is the best most adaptable grill I have ever owned.
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Grilled Bratwurst On The Kamado Joe

Today, for a bit of lunchtime table fare, I fired up the Kamado Joe. I had a few bratwurst in the fridge that were begging for some outdoor grilling action.

Today is shaping up to be the better half of the weekend. Tomorrow, yet another cold front will have made its way into my neck-of-the-woods with a rain and snow mix to coat everything.

Grilling is one of my favorite outdoor activities. The daily 9 to 5 stress just melts away as my inner caveman awakens. The fire, the smoke, the food, the tantalizing aroma of it all mixed together. I can’t forget to include the cold refreshing beverage(s).

I own three outdoor grills (for now).
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