Kamado Joe Grilled Fish I

kamado joe grilled fish

Okay, Kamado Joe Grilled Fish might sound intimidating to some. After all, grilling fish directly on the grill grates is not one of those read about it and you’re now an expert skills. Grilling fish takes a lot practice to get that grill master merit badge.

Read on and I’ll tell you my Kamado Joe fish grilling secrets.
kamado joe grilled fish I

Kamado Joe Grilled Fish

Today’s cook is a Kamado Joe grilled fish recipe, — I have two nice swordfish steaks that I have marinated overnight in olive oil, kosher salt, and fresh ground black pepper. We’re going for a batch of swordfish fish tacos.

Below are my secrets for grilling fish directly on the grill grates.

Kamado Joe Grilled Fish – The Fish

☑ Use thicker fillets, 1 inch or so
☑ Use meaty fish fillets, such as, salmon, swordfish, halibut, mahi-mahi
☑ Delicate fish like flounder, sole, tilapia, are not suited for grilling on the grill grates, use a fish basket instead
☑ Prepare the fish with a simple marinade of olive oil, kosher salt, and fresh ground black pepper
☑ Marinate the fish for several hours to overnight. The oil will help to keep fish from sticking
☑ You’re probably buying what is fresh and not necessarily what the recipe calls for

Kamado Joe Grilled Fish – The Tools

☑ You’ll need a fish spatula, — or two. I use two. The Weber 6673, available on Amazon for under $20.00. It’s nice and has a wide head with a nice angled edge to help slide under the fish. The handle is long enough to keep your hands from getting too close to the heat. It’s stainless steel, so it won’t rust. Check out the current price and more product information here on Amazon

☑ I also have a Winco 6.5-Inch Blade Fish Spatula. I use it to help keep the fish on the larger spatula as I gently flip the fillets over. This fish spatula was just over $5.00 when I bought mine on Amazon. Amazon says it’s stainless steel. Check out the current price and more product information here on Amazon

kamado joe grilled fish

My two fish spatulas for grilling fish right on the grill grate. On top is the Weber fish spatula. On bottom is the Winco fish spatula.

Kamado Joe Grilled Fish – Grill Prep

☑ Prepare for direct heat, clean that firebox if needed, make sure you have enough lump charcoal
☑ Preheat your Kamado Joe to somewhere around At 500 °F (260 °C)
☑ Pop open the dome and clean the grill grates, scrape off any residual proteins from prior cooks. The high temperature should help with that
☑ Rub down the grill grates using a folded paper towel dipped in ordinary vegetable oil. Do this at least 10 times or more, dipping that paper towel back into the oil to keep it well saturated. The grates must be hotter than the smoke point of the oil. You should see that oil smoke as you rub it on the grates
☑ We are creating a non-stick cooking surface, similar to what your ancestors did when seasoning their prized cast iron cookware. In other words, we are seasoning the grill grates
☑ Close the grill dome and let the Kamado Joe warm back up and stabilize to 400 °F (205 °C)

kamado joe grilled fish

Cleaning the Kamado Joe grill grates, getting that Kamado Joe grilled fish non-stick coating

Kamado Joe Grilled Fish – The Cook

☑ The grill is ready at a steady 400 °F (205 °C), direct heat setup, cleaned and seasoned grill grates
☑ Angle the fish across the grates, not parallel with the grates
☑ Allow an estimated 8 minutes of total cooking time per inch of fish
☑ Add smoking wood if desired. Fish picks up smoke really quick, but this is a short cook. The smoke will add a nice touch and not overwhelm the fish. For more on wood smoke and smoking wood, check out this book,titled Wood Smoke And Smoking Wood: A Guide To Better Backyard Barbecue on Amazon, its all about wood smoke and smoking wood and better backyard cooking
☑ Cook with the grill dome closed
☑ When you put the fish on the hot grill grates, they should sizzle
☑ Check the fish at 3 minutes, gently nudge the fillet with your fish spatula. If it begins to break free of the grate, it’s ready for that gentle flip. Doesn’t want to release, wait another 30 seconds and repeat. Ready? Gently work the fish spatula under the fillet, if necessary, use another fish spatula to assist, then gently flip
☑ Cook the fish for another 3 minutes, repeat the nudging technique outlined above. The fish should easily break free

Kamado Joe grilled fish

Swordfish steaks sizzling away on those non-stick grill grates

Kamado Joe Grilled Fish – Is It Done

☑ Just like a steak, fish will continue cooking when you pull it from the grill
☑ Pull the fish from the grill, some fish will break up into bigger pieces when finished. Lots of online material suggests the fish should easily flake, dense fish does not always easily flake
☑ You should see a nice opaque color. Slightly past translucent
☑ Those non-stick preparations work their magic, no sticking fish here

kamado joe grilled fish

Kamado Joe grilled fish, ready to be pulled from the grates.

☑ The USDA says that the safe internal temperature for cooked fish is 145 °F (63 °C), or until the fish is opaque and flakes easily with a fork. When cooking fish, cook it until the center reaches 145 °F (63 °C) on an instant-read or meat thermometer. Check out their guidance here.

Kamado Joe Grilled Fish – The Plating

Check out those grill marks.

The fish was fabulous, moist, flaky, it was the centerpiece of a delicious fish taco mid-day dinner cooked outdoors. There will be more Kamado Joe fish taco posts later.

kamado joe grilled fish

Kamado Joe grilled fish, — all ready for the Kamado Joe grilled fish tacos

Check out my Outdoor Eats page for more Kamado Joe recipes tips and tricks.

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