Dry Rub Shaker For The Grill Or Smoker

barbecue dry rub shaker

Easy Barbecue Dry Rub Shaker

I have been using these “Ball Herb Shaker Tops” as barbecue dry rub shakers for the past several months. They are amazing when used as barbecue dry rub shakers for your grill or smoker. I found them a while back at my local big-box store clearance aisle.

I can mix up a batch of my favorite dry rub recipe for some awesome barbecue baby back ribs, smoky pulled pork, barbecue chicken, or other favorite grilling recipes. The dry rub shaker has fast become one of my favorite grilling accessories.

dry rub shaker

Barbecue Dry Rub Shaker

I take every opportunity to light up the grill or smoker for some awesome table fare. With the shaker, I can add an extra bit of barbecue zing to whatever I am grilling.

The BFFs also look forward my grilling adventures as well because they will usually get a tasty tidbit or two, or maybe three …

These lids have four 1/4-inch holes under a flip-top seal. Moreover, they attach to the top of a regular Ball or Mason jar just like a regular canning lid. It is super-easy to just sprinkle on just the right amount of dry rub and save the remainder for later.

Other barbecue dry rub shakers I have tried in the past just were not up to the task. The holes were not big enough, the lid was not secure enough, or the thing just fell apart.

Of course the local big-box store did not have these shaker tops in stock when I went back to get some more! However, I found that Amazon also carries these Ball Herb Shaker Tops. Check them out and see what the latest price is and pick up a few of them.

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