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Kamado Joe Smoked Bacon and Brussels Sprouts

kamado joe smoked bacon and brussels sproutsOkay, Kamado Joe smoked bacon and Brussels sprouts are up today for some quality outdoor eats. After a few days working off all of that turkey and the trimmings, firing up the Joe gives you that food you really wanted to see on the table.

Never had Kamado Joe smoked bacon and Brussels sprouts?

You have to give this a try. They are really easy to make. Continue reading

Man Cave Bacon, Beer & Cheddar Cheese Bratwursts on the Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe Man Cave Bacon, Beer & Cheddar Cheese BratwurstsOn a whim, I picked up a box of the Man Cave Bacon, Beer & Cheddar Cheese Bratwursts for a Kamado Joe cookout.

I have seen them at the local grocer during the past several visits. So today, I tossed them in the cart, along with a few beers and other necessities. Steaming the grilled brats in onions and beer is one of my favorite weekend Kamado Joe grilling treats. Continue reading

Kamado Joe Bacon

kamado joe baconIt’s been a busy few months here at the hacienda with making homemade and wood smoked Kamado Joe bacon. Making your own bacon at home is a super easy life-skill to master. We consumers find it all too easy to pick up that cellophane wrapped cardboard framed package at the big-box store. Let’s rediscover some of those everyday commonplace food preservation skills our Grandparents relied on for sustenance.
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The Barbecue Towel

stained barbecue towelA barbecue towel? I now consider a barbecue towel as an outdoor cooking necessity.


Outdoor cooking can be a messy task.

I have stained, scorched, and disfigured just about every one of the “indoor” kitchen towels much to my better-half’s use of colorful language and very-verbal statements of dismay. Continue reading