Choosing My Best Fish Finder – Revisited

I have posted this update to my fish finder cone angle chart to include the specifications found in the PiranhaMax 175 manual. You might find this table handy for your own research.

Let me know if you find this chart useful or you want other angles added?

choosing my best fish finder

Choosing my best fish finder

Choosing My Best Fish Finder Revisited

Choosing My Best Fish Finder – Revisited

Here is a link to my earlier post on fish finder cone angles, it talked a bit about why they were important.

This link is a post is about my decision to buy the Lowrance Elite 3x, and the comparisons I made with other fish finder models.

As a reminder, the fish finder cone angle from the transducer determines the bottom coverage, or footprint. A wider cone angle means that the fish finder will see more of the bottom.

For me, this is important because I do tend to fish shallower areas from a fishing kayak or a canoe. Why have a fish finder if it will only see a few inches of coverage (narrow angle).

Besides fish, I also want to see what the bottom structure looks like, — where the fish might be?

If you tend to fish shallower areas, then the cone angle is something that you want to look at. The deeper you go; the cone angle will be getting too large and can work against you.

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