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Fishing on the Nottoway River – Part III

nottoway river, virginiaToday was shaping up to be on the cooler side of the 100-degree mark. We have experienced about 2 weeks of temperatures north of the “feels like” 100 degree mark. There was a chance of rain later, but I wanted to get outside and get in a bit of fishing.

The Nottoway was on my short list, I wanted to paddle farther upstream than my last outing on this river. So I got up early, loaded up the gear, and headed on out the door.
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Rivanna River Fishing – I

bill catching a catfishThis past weekend, we decided to get out and do a bit of fishing and camping. We were heading out for a relaxing expedition down Virginia’s Rivanna River.

As the weekend approached, the weather forecast called for a chance of showers. Okay, no problems!
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Big Bad Bluegill

big bluegillI was out trying to catch some monster crappie today, just casting around the shallow areas from the bank hoping to get one of the barn door sized slabs. Here in Virginia, a citation size crappie comes in at 15 inches.

To date, I have caught 9 crappie over that 15 inch mark. A few of those on a fly rod. I was hoping to catch number 10 and score an “Expert Angler” certificate.
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