MiiR Beer Growler Review

MiiR beer growler review

I recently picked up this really nifty MiiR stainless steel beer growler from Amazon. If you are shopping around for something similar, you might consider this one?

This past weekend, we did a backpacking trip out to Virginia’s Ramsey’s Draft area of the George Washington National Forest. It was a good opportunity to test it out. This beer growler does a good job transporting craft beer to the house from the local breweries! But how would it handle a weekend backpacking trip?

miir beer growler review

MiiR Beer Growler Review

stainless steel beer growlerI already own a good number of beer growlers, it seems like I never have one with me when I decide to bring home some tasty beverages for a weekend cookout. All of my other beer growlers are glass; this is the first stainless steel growler in my growing beer growler arsenal.

I really like the idea of having a non-breakable stainless steel beer growler. How many times has that empty beer growler rolled off the front seat on the way over to fill it up?

First, some basic info:
It appears to be well made and is also pretty spiffy looking as well! It is a double-wall vacuum insulated, thermos like, awesome craft beer transporting gizmo.

The folks over at MiiR have these specifications:
12.5 inches tall, 5 inches wide
2 pounds empty weight

This is what I came up with for the MiiR beer growler:
11.5 inches tall, 5 inches wide
1.1 pounds empty weight
6.1 pounds with about 64 ounces of Big Ugly Brewing Company Rocker IPA.
stainless steel beer growler

These measurements were taken the night before heading out to Ramsey’s Draft for that backpacking trip. I thought a full beer growler would weigh more? Yep, this was the first time toting something like this along!

I was really concerned this flip top beer growler would pop open inside my pack, but that never happened. Even after a good number of miles hiking and including climbing over or under all of those fallen trees blocking the trail!

stainless steel beer growler

A view of the trail, –no fallen trees to scramble over or under!

So, now to the important stuff! How did it taste!

Once arriving to the campsite, first things were first! Nope, it wasn’t setting up tents or gathering firewood. It was getting that MiiR beer growler into some cold mountain stream water to chill!

stainless steel beer growler

Looking for a cool shady spot

Later in the afternoon …

Stainless steel beer growler, no glass to worry about!

stainless steel beer growler

Checking the chill

Later on …

stainless steel beer growler

Waiting for some cold refreshing beverages!

Sorry no more beer pictures, it was dark. But the beer was awesome. There was no loss of flavor or carbonation after 24 hours of getting bounced around in the backseat of a car, then inside that backpack.

So, if you’re looking for a stainless steel beer growler, consider this one. Amazon had the best price I could find anywhere for this MiiR beer growler.

stainless steel beer growler

Aw shucks, no more beverages, I think I’ll head home!

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    The Miir Growler is a 64-ounce, vacuum-insulated, stainless-steel vessel with an airtight cap that seals your suds cold for up to 24 hours.

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