Monthly Archives: April 2015

Kamado Joe – Grilled Pizza – Part II

kamado joe grilled pizza
Today I really wanted to try another grilled pizza. The one I made last week tasted really tasted awesome and I wanted to try another. Grilled pizza is one of those essential skills that I am always working to get better at.

But the 45 degree temps and the rainy drizzle did not make for prime grilling weather. But I went for it anyway!
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Photography 101 – Revisited

photography 101In an earlier post, I had mentioned I was a photography 101, point-and-shoot camera guy, trying to capture those mostly short-lived photo opportunities. Getting a shot of that big fish, that eagle sitting on a tree branch, –you know the situations I am referring to.

My camera was set on full auto everything. Just turn it on and take the picture. The trouble is, those pictures were not all that good. Mostly, the images were just flat, washed out, and lacked detail. Occasionally I would get lucky and I would get an image that I liked.

Has this been your experience also?
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